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Empowering Families to Make Healthy Choices

Because of childhood obesity, this is the first
generation who may not outlive their parents.

Thin and Healthy Kids®  will help you:
  • Raise a positive, self-confident child!
  • Have fun with your child and create lifelong memories while improving physical health!
  • Have a child that listens and learns well!
  • Prevent your child from using drugs, alcohol, and developing disease!
  • Help your child make friends easier and communicate better!


From: Thin and Healthy Kids® created by Thin and Healthy's Total Solution®

This is the first generation of kids who may not live as long as their parents.

Studies show that for the first time in history, the average life span of the newest generation is expected to decrease.  What is happening to our children?  Whether you watch the nightly news, read the paper, or check the daily headlines on your favorite website, you've likely heard of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic.  This is a very real problem affecting more and more kids everyday. 

Many parents are setting their children up for a life of being overweight - and all the physical, social, and emotional problems that go along with that - without even realizing it.  Something has to be done.
Our experience working with children and families has made it clear that the desire to do the right thing is there; sometimes parents just need a little guidance and moral support!

"The best part of losing weight is having fun!"

We created this program to give kids, parents, and families a helpful source of information about healthy eating, fun ideas to promote physical activity, and practical tips for smooth family functioning . We want to address and provide alternatives for the risky behaviors associated with Childhood Obesity, so that every child has a chance at a long and happy life.

  • Fun Foods - Learn which foods to eat lots of and which foods to avoid.  Discover how much food is too much. Find out how to structure your menus and the environment so that every family member gets the most benefit from each meal.
  • Mighty Moves - Do you wonder how to get your children interested in physical activity? We can show you how to get them up from in front of the TV or computer, and outside to play.
  • Life Success - Do you want to encourage your child's confidence and self-esteem?
    Do you want to stop the fighting and back-talking in your house, and promote loving communication?  Learn why setting personal and family goals is so important, then let us teach you how.

Parents want the best for their kids.  The desire to give them what you never had is completely natural, as is the parenting style you learned from your parents.  Every family has their own unique strengths and challenges, and we have worked hard to bring you methods that have helped a variety of families.  We know you're doing a great job already; we just want to give you and your children that extra boost, so you can reach your full potential!

Are you aware of the ways you can help your family improve?

Our program promotes:

  • love and respect
  • open and honest communication
  • structure and routine
  • basics for smooth family functioning
  • practical, real-life advice on how to implement these useful strategies

Since children lack the life experience to know what's best for the long-term future, they need guidance in making healthy choices.  When parents set boundaries and stick to them, kids learn positive behaviors.  Your family benefits now and your kids are primed for a healthy future.

Aren't you tired of the frantic schedules, the arguments, the struggle of keeping a family running smoothly?  You don't have to feel helpless and out-of-control anymore.  Order our program today and you'll begin to get a handle on your household.

Buy now, and you will receive an in-depth introduction to
Thin and Healthy
, followed by regular updates on the different lessons for the appropriate week.  You will get kid-friendly recipes, ideas for fun family activities, real-life suggestions for hassle-free parenting, and MORE!

Our program can help with:

  • picky eating and unhealthy food choices
  • overeating
  • sibling rivalry
  • low activity level
  • many other behavioral issues that lots of families experience. 

The key is communication and cooperation.  This program teaches you what you need to know to solve the most common family problems.

Countless hours of research and development have gone into creating this product.  Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive resource guide, and we know every penny invested will be worth it to you and your family.  We don't spend time with our children; we invest it.  We don't spend money on our children; we invest it.  Invest in the future of your child and your family and see a big return!

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You aren't convinced yet?  If you have questions about how this program works, please feel free to email us.  If you're wondering how this program would apply to your life, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do my kids ever complain there's nothing to eat, or refuse to eat what I cook?
  • Do they whine that they are bored, even with a playroom or basement full of toys?
  • Do I have trouble finding time for myself, time for each child individually, time with my partner without the kids, as well as quality family time? 

We have answers to these problems, as well as many more common family issues.  Whether you are the proud parent of a newborn, or you have teenagers in high school, you can learn something new and valuable from our program that will benefit your family.

Best of Success,

Thin and Healthy Kids®
Thin and Healthy's Total Solution®


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